Polli™ is an interactive web-based educational program that provides an opportunity for students and mentor-educators to learn computer science (CS) and coding together.
Polli™’s curriculum covers a variety of real-world programming languages and technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and Python.
The courses contain hundreds of animated video lessons and programming challenges based on real-world problems.
Learn now for FREE during the pandemic. 
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Polli offers coding lessons for kids ages 10 to 17 that teach computational and critical thinking skills. We empower youth to approach and solve problems creatively.
Young minds see the patterns quickly and can deconstruct, analyze, and solve real-world challenges within our Polli portal. We feature a unique learning experience in coding through gamification.
The Polli experience equips and empowers youth with a deeper understanding and appreciation for Technology, Engineering, and Math.
Grow A Mind In STEM!

Introducing POLLI

  • Step 1

    Sign On & Register

  • Step 2

    Pick a Programming Gaming Adventure

  • Step 3

    Complete the Journey

POLLI Beginners

Start your Journey with Fun-to-Try

Programming Games

Recommended Age 10+

POLLI Intermediate

Build your skills to become an advance programmer,

game developer, advanced web developer, or data scientist.

Recommended Age 12+

Polli Advance

Up your game to the ultimate level in game development

and data science.

Recommended Age 14+

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