Polli is STEM 

Polli will be in your town soon.  With the COVID-19 restrictions, Polli is here to introduce your children to the world of code.. There is something new in technology every day and most of these worlds require a knowledge of technology.  Now doesn’t that sound boring.  After all, everyone is using a computer. Our cars are computers.  Our phones are computers.  What else do we need to know?  

Well, with so much time on your hands, why not learn about how those gadgets click inside?  People with knowledge in writing the code that makes those gadgets click will always be in demand. STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It is the way of the future. 


Almost all careers engage with elements of STEM today and there are careers that we have never thought of that will need even more of the STEM skills in the future.  

Let’s break down the word STEM 

SCIENCE  What careers can you think of that use science?  

Cosmetics are made from Chemicals. How the chemicals work together is called Science.  All of the products you use to clean the house use science to design and control the quality of the products.

Cooking uses science to mix together ingredients to get those wonderful cakes, desserts, gravies, pastas and more to satisfy our taste buds. 

Health Care uses science to decide how to fix a problem or disease. 

TECHNOLOGY We use technology every day. 

Computers, Cell Phones, Cars all use technology to run.  In fact they use programs to run effectively.  Each program is simply a set of instructions, called CODE, to tell the machines to perform in different ways.  

BELL CANADA and ROGERS use technology to keep the internet running from house to house and phone to phone.  

The self driving car is not far in the future and all the parts that make it run will need software programs to do it.  

ENGINEERING – We use their skills to travel and live every day. 

Engineers design the roads that we drive on, the bridges that take us across the rivers and over the highways every day using mathematical calculations. They help design the subway and work with the Technology sector to keep it running. 

Architects have to use the mathematics and measurements along with the Engineers to build our homes and design the CN Tower, Union Station, the amazing condos that we see evolving in our cities today.  

MATHEMATICS – Everything is MATH

You need math to balance your bank account.  

You need math to know if you can order in a meal today or not. 

The people in receiving need math to be able to count the boxes and the product they are receiving and balance it with what was supposed to arrive.  

Your paycheque is created using math. 


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