Try, Try, Try Again

HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT Polli? – The Personal On-Line Learning Interface

Polli introduces youths ages 10 to 17 to the world of STEM – (Science Technology Engineering Math), the initiative that showcases successful people in STEM careers.

Polli teaches youths how to write their own programs – coding.  And it is all done right at home on their own computer.

Why is coding important? The process of coding teaches patience in the acceptance of trial and error; working out the bugs in code until it is right.  In coding, if something does not work the first time, they simply try again.  It shows that by trying again, one can get better, and better until SUCCESS!  It is part of the world of Science, Technology, and Engineering. 

On top of that, all coding requires MATH.  That misunderstood subject that youths learn to hate now has a purpose.  How is that for motivation!

Think of all the great inventors. They saw a problem and a better way to do something to solve the problem.  The electric car is just one invention that keeps getting better. It uses computers to keep on running.  Someone had to write those instructions – strings of code.  Why not your family?

Coding promotes critical thinking, and the courage to Try, Try, Try again.  If it does not work, then ask for someone to work with you – collaboration.  In today’s world collaboration is executed through virtual online meetings.  Your partner can be anywhere in the world.  This is today’s world.  Have your children jump on board now!



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